Silicone Food Pouch

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Silicone Food Pouch for Your Kitchen Needs - Replaces Plastic Film, Ziploc Bags or Plastic Bags - Convenient For You & Better For The Environment !


Silicone Food Pouch can be used as a freezer bag, dry storage bag, sandwich bag or marinade bag.

A very versatile product that holds up to 0.5/ 1.0/ 1.5L of liquid and keeps your foods & sauces fresh.

Thanks to the leak-proof closure, you don’t have to worry about spillage or smell.

Go reusable today with a product that will last a very long time and bring extra convenience to your meal preparation.

Dimensions: 500ml - 23x12cm, 1000mL - 23x18cm, 1500mL - 29x21cm

Colour: Transparent (White)