Soap Nuts

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100% Natural Laundry Soap Nuts

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Soap nuts | Les Noix Savonneuses are in reality fruit berries that have the ability to naturally clean your clothes. They are 100% natural and specially pesticide-free as bugs don't particularly enjoy the taste of soap nuts. In fact, they are insect repellent by nature!

They are highly recommended for people with skin problems as they are soothing properties. While we use them as an eco-laundry, some people even use them to shower or as shampoo. When the nuts are used up, they are 100% biodegradable and can be tossed into your compost bin or added to your flower pots.

The soap nuts come in a air-tight and re-sealable packet to protect them from humidity and any changes in temperature. A tall cotton pouch is also included. All the instructions for use is available on the back of the packet.