Ecolozil is an online eco-friendly store based in Mauritius. We are proudly the first online store and one of the first businesses specialised in eco-responsible products on the island. Our company was started with the desire to create a meaningful change in the way we consume.

Our aim is to promote a sustainable islander lifestyle through our products. Ecolozil is more than a brand; it is a vision and a lifestyle. We are an enterprise that wants to make a positive social, environmental and economic contribution.

We empower the community by working with local artisans and manufacturers. We work with international manufacturers as well which allows us to offer high quality products at a competitive price in Mauritius.

At the core, Ecolozil is a passionate home-based and family-run business from Floreal, Mauritius. We are a small business that wants to make a big difference in the world ! Together, let’s make it #EarthdayEveryday. - Ecolozil Team